Hello! I’m Andrea. 

If we haven’t met yet, we’re likely to bump into each other tasting special teas in one of Vancouver’s tiny shops or maybe you’ll fly past me in your running gear while I - with the best intentions to get around the whole seawall without stopping - veered off the path to rethink a sticky puzzle.

I’m an educational programmer. I connect learning communities with strategies and resources. I’ve been lucky to work with nonprofits and universities that serve young people and students with access to amazing quality learning. I love to write about, program, plan, and facilitate integrated learning opportunities. When everything goes just right, we see young people and students walk away with more than knowledge of a skill or concept; we get to see growing curiosity, imagination, connectedness, and more. 

I wonder what these growing qualities do to affect the rest of our lives? I wonder how they shape us as people? 

I’d love to hear from you! Can you remember a moment when a lesson was so accessible that it turned into something more? Is there a special teacher who understood how you learned best? Was there a time when a breakthrough led to other (seemingly unrelated) concepts making sense? 

Thanks for sharing any ideas, 


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